Asia Wardzyńska q

It was only when she hit a mature age that she truly reached adolescence. Her breasts were already scarred with stretch marks and she had lost her virginity more than a decade ago but this was the first time she felt change hit her skin and bones so hard. Her newly acquired zits were all she saw when faced with the evil mirror by her front door. She was not sure of who she was and why she was in such a way. She disbelieved in love and numbed her brain cells with countless episodes of American sitcoms she didn’t even like. She was lazy, she couldn’t bring herself to find a decent job or pick up a book and she felt increasingly homesick, even though she was at home. Her friends had moved on, their skin had cleared up and their life satisfaction rate was above average. Whilst everyone had quit the fags by default, she constantly emptied the ashtray in the hope to hide her despicable morning cigarettes. Now more than ever she blamed her parents for everything but most of all for not warning her that her previous adolescence had been lived in vain.

Asia Wardzyńska s



Images: Asia Wardzyńska 

Words: Thisbe Casellini