Patchwork <3 Mia

A recent exchange of emails between a brokenhearted delusional Patchwork Paper and what turned out to be a  foolish webcam agent…

Mia V to me

Hey im Mia, not sure if you know me but my friend showed me your twitter account and I thought you looked super hot! Maybe we can talk and get to know each other if your not too busy. I can send you a pic of me

<3 xoxo Mia

Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

of course I am not busy.

Who are you? Where are you from? Let’s talk!

Mia V to me

Hey! Yeay i’m happy you emailed me Patchwork =)

People say I look younger than I am, take a guess how old I am! I added a pic =)
Could I get a full body pic so I really know who i’m talking too =) I’ll take a really sexy pic for you

xoxo Mia



Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

I would like to get to know you a bit more before we get too sexual.. Hmmm, I guess you are 25? You look mature in your face. Tell me a little something about yourself. Where are you from, what are your hopes and fears, your dreams for the future…

Mia V to me

I’m 29! hehe mmmm <3
Do you like my legs? hehe I added some more pics…
where do you live? i want to show you something

Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

Yes, your legs are very nice and you look very interesting… I would really enjoy it if we could get to know each other rather than exchange pictures. Come on tell me some stuff about yourself!

Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

Helloooooo, Are you there darling?

Mia V to Patchwork Paper

=) omg yes! I want you so bad… Ive had such bad luck with guys latley =(
I don’t ever have time to go out but maybe we can! Does my body turn you on? I added even more pics that I took just for you! hehe
I want to take a picture of myself playing with my new toy… Want to watch? I’m all alone in my bedroom right now <3

Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

Look Mia, if you don’t want to really get to know me I am not up for this! You’ve really angered me because I thought I could truly get to know you, spiritually and emotionally. i want to know about your hopes and fears, your relationship with your family, your favourite food and films… If you are not up for telling me anything about yourself then I dont want to get involved any further

Patchwork Paper <> to Mia V

I regret having been rude to you in the last email. please reply. i miss you and i need you back

Then Katy got in touch

Katy to me

Hi Patchwork this is Katy.
You were just talking to my friend Mia, she said you’re making it hard for her to talk to you lol…
She texted me and told me to email you to prove she has friends or something lol haha omg she’s too funny sometimes

pic for pic?

Patchwork Paper <> to Katy

Hey Katy,

Glad to meet you. You look as beautiful as Mia. I miss her, why did she go out of my life like that? I thought we had something…What does she mean by making it hard for her to talk to me?

———— end