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Below is a real email kindly forwarded to us by a computer savvy 74 year old, between her and one of her many admirers who she meets through online chat-rooms. For the purpose of confidentiality we have changed names and places.

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 09:49:35 +0100
Subject: Nice to meet you

Good evening dear Susanne,
I am a 75 years old sociable and passionate man from London. I would very much like us to get lost in this liberating virtual bubble, where communication quickly slips into the realms of intimacy, creating the impression that we already know one another and could experience it all. I hope to savour together the sweet taste of intrigue which virtuality offers us through these encounters lived with passion and sensuality which liberates our fantasies beyond quotidian confines. Maybe these virtual encounters will always remain as that- an escape from daily routine or maybe they could one day become real, cultivating a mutual understanding between us which could last a long time…. I hope, therefore, that we can establish a good relationship and, why not, even a splendid friendship founded on absolute discretion, upmost respect and close companionship.
Best regards, Julian

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