Hummus with Chips

Hummus with Chips

I like the broken ones,
They are beautiful in their tatters,
They are not proud,
They do not knit or make hummus,
They are conscious of their failings,
They are people getting by,
They do not hold their heads held high,
They are not righteous.

No one saw them enter but the room is duller when they leave,
The broken ones.
Unrehearsed beings who wear their trials upon their sleeves with floppy upper lips, trembling.
And bare their bruises honestly….see….

I like the broken ones.
The glass is half empty ones,
The ‘fuckit’ I’ll drink the last of the whatevers in the glass type ones.

I like the broken ones,
They don’t say ‘fine’ when asked, and pour their hearts out given half a chance,
Because life is hard and full of shit
And sometimes when it hits we break a bit,
Humans with chips.


By Sophie Cragg