A Table of Translations

A Table of Translations

Reading from the original
To dare translate while speaking
As one word becomes another.
The objects before me are reflections
That lighten the shadows of meaning.
From the table I choose these things:

A leaf from a tree in the forest
Where Cezanne worked in solitude.
Nature is seen as exacting art.
Like blossom in the wind,
Like ice in the river thaw,
Float the memories of St Victoire.

A shell from a strand on Inis Mór
Is an intricate memorial
And a horn to summon inspiration
In a turning world.
These islands are a universe
Encompassed by infinite ocean.

A butterfly paperweight in stone
Impressed by a moment of beauty
That lingers in the mind so movingly
It becomes the hum of wings
Escaping the confines of chrysalis.
Or so we may imagine.

A polemic lies restlessly
Eager for the insurgence
Ferlinghetti has promised
In words of stardust falling
As white water in the cataract.
His thoughts are timely metaphors.

The blade glides through the folds,
And an envelope reveals its secret.
I see the Silk Road in the ornate handle
My fingers hold almost in reverence
Before the ceremony of opening.
A letter sealed by her lips.

 By Geoffrey  Heptonstall

Image:Christian Bittencourt