Art Activism

– What is art activism?

Art Activism, in the context of The Patchwork Paper, is any kind of creative expression that merges the political, the personal and the artistic. The Patchwork Paper is a platform for free expression and has an inherently political form, because the act of writing without censorship and within the margins of freedom of speech is a political act, one that works against the ideologies of mainstream media. Whether the published piece is a photograph, a poem or an article it will combine artistic talent – writing, drawing, composition – with political or personal opinions and feelings.

- What does it take to become an art activist?

 In a nutshell, the arts activist uses their art as a vehicle for political change and so to become an arts activist the artist must communicate their own political ideologies through their art. When creating art with the intention of instigating some level of political change the artist performs a political act. The arts activist does not create art for art’s sake, the arts activist creates art to have an impact on politics, and to make a mark on society that may encourage others to instigate social change. To put it simply, think about a political issue that makes you angry, express that anger through art and do so with the intention  of encouraging political, and social, change.

– Why is art important?

Art is important because without art there would be no individuality. It is the product of creative thinking, the root of originality. Art allows us to see the world, and ourselves, through the eyes of the artist; it celebrates diversity and embraces change.

The Patchwork Paper is a creative platform for free expression. Send us your work and we’ll share it with others.

The Patchwork PaperImage by William Whiteman

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